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Networked technologies, including the Internet and Web 2.0 applications, provide businesses with greater flexibility and connectivity than ever before.As enterprises become more decentralised, however, data is distributed across disparate applications and databases, leading to opacity that can impair your decision-making processes. Security, compliance and usability issues can degrade productivity and lead to higher IT costs. Processes can become cumbersome and mired in redundancy as transaction times increase. Ultimately, your business can become less competitive and IT costs can become burdensome.

Dhatru has the solution. Our data integration services provide cost-effective, custom designed, solutions to help you consolidate, synchronize, distribute and archive data and information across your entire enterprise network. Efficiently managing the flow of information across your enterprise is only one component in a successful data integration strategy. Once transparency has been achieved, it’s ultimately how you use information that allows your business to thrive.

Our data integration services include automated profiling capabilities and user-specific accessibility that promotes collaboration between business divisions, partners, vendors and customers. Granularity can be specified and information and data can be parsed in new and innovative ways, providing greater insight into your business processes and workflows. Integration can provide your applications with real-time transfer capabilities regardless of where the data resides on the network and this can be accomplished while retaining the integrity of the native source files. Our data integration services also provide standardization and consistency while ensuring compliance with governmental regulations and corporate governance requirements.