App Development

A number of systems can potentially benefit from a mobile application. CRM systems used by sales teams benefit from mobile device access, but shop floor and inventory systems are other common targets for mobile applications. By using mobile applications across industries, plant managers and supervisors can access mission-critical information without being anchored to static workstations.

In addition, mobile devices can help management more quickly identify and resolve problems across the enterprise and update information, in real-time and on-location. Any enterprise can gain tremendous proprietary advantage through the development of a custom-made business processes mobile application. Inevitably, a mobile application for any company will improve productivity and give management better insight into their overall business, so they can react faster to new opportunities as they arise.

Dhatru, ‘Make in India’ software development services, designs, builds, deploys, and manages dynamic mobile applications for any enterprise. We work with the company to identify the critical success factors required to build, implement, and deploy a mobile application solution. Recent research on mobile applications across industries reveals that 70% of companies are looking to use mobile and wireless solutions to streamline operations. Building mobile applications for any enterprise will empower the company with the tools and information that will enable them to be more successful.

Below are some of the other advantages that can be achieved by building a mobile application for any company: 

  • Improved productivity and increased revenues
  • Enhanced customer, dealer and wholesaler relationships
  • Streamlined operations and decreased production costs
  • Instant access to Supply Chain Management (SCM)